649 Lowell St Unit G, Peabody, Massachusetts 01960

Providing Peabody with Elite BJJ Training

Fun and Engaging Jiu Jitsu Classes for Kids, Teens and Adults

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Providing Peabody with Elite BJJ Training


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Fábio Martins Incalado

Nice place, clean, the guys are very good too. I had a good time over there....

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Will Lannon

I just dropped in for their Sunday open mat. Everyone was super welcoming and the rolls were top notch. Thanks for the hospitality 🤙...

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Jenn Nagle

Our almost 5 year old daughter absolutely loves BJJ! Coach Nassib is incredible with the kids. He is firm, encouraging, and fun. In just a few weeks, my daughter has learned so many techniques and mov...

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Kevin Bechet

Great place with great people!...

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Dn Bckley

I trained with Nassib for many years. He is a BJJ black belt who is knowledgeable and patient when teaching but still pushes students to the best of their individual abilities. Fenix Danvers has a fri...

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There are plenty of BJJ coaches, and gyms in the area to choose from, but if you’re looking for a warm, family friendly environment, with a clean mat, and top notch instruction, then look no fur...

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Kids Martial Arts near Peabody

Kids Jiu Jitsu

Treat your child to the best Kids Martial Arts classes in Peabody. We use the world of traditional martial arts training to offer students skills like courage, communication, and so much more. Join us here at Fenix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and see it all for yourself!

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Kids Martial Arts near Peabody

Teen Jiu Jitsu

Our Teen Martial Arts classes are setting students all across Peabody up for success with a focus on character development and proven bully prevention strategies. We work with teens of all experience levels.

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Kids Martial Arts near Peabody

Adult Jiu Jitsu

An amazing workout and iron-clad self-defense skills are at your fingertips with Fenix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Our unique style of Jiu-Jitsu will teach you the most effective self-defense in the world while building your muscle and improving your day-to-day life with increased health and happiness.

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Fenix BJJ

Whether you're a novice or you're bringing your belt with you, Fenix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is here to help you succeed. We will provide you with hands-on coaching, inspirational mentors, and the earnest accountability you need to achieve amazing things every step of the way. Located in Peabody, we harbor an infectious passion for Martial Arts and will train you to become an expert at one of the world's fastest-growing sports.

Fenix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is about you. It's about accomplishing your goals and providing you with an incredibly supportive community where you can pursue fitness, train hard, and dream big. We are your home for all things martial arts. Begin your journey today.

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Learn About the Services Fenix Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Offer

  • Confidence & Self-Esteem

    Confidence & Self-Esteem

    Confidence is the most vital part of a martial arts training regimen. As such, our school is dedicated to providing our students with the self-belief needed to accomplish any goal.

  • Discipline & Self-Control

    Discipline & Self-Control

    Discipline sits as the cornerstone not only of martial arts, but of life achievement as a whole. Our easy-to-follow programs will instill our students with discipline and internal motivation that will improve all aspects of their lives.

  • Self-Defense


    Martial arts, while also a way to achieve fulfillment and self-esteem, are also a great tool for use in physical defense. Safety is a constant worry in life, and our school will arm students with a variety of ways to keep themselves and their loved ones out of harm's way.

  • New Friends & Mentors

    New Friends & Mentors

    Our school is not just a service, it is a family. Any new students welcomed into our fold will be treated as personal friends and are sure to make connections that will last a lifetime.

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